Superior Milling


Milling business (mealie meal production and provided other food products such as flour,insembe, sugar, salt, rice etc)


IDC 76%


Superior Milling’s story started in 1994; our founders who were formerly working in commodity trading recognized the potential in the thriving milling market and chose to go a step forward into production with the goal of feeding the nation. The company started with 10 employees using hammer mills to manufacture mealie meal. It has since grown to over 300 employees all working in an industrial commercial milling plant. We have grown from a small family holding into a large-scale company with a recognisable brand. At Superior Milling we conform to good corporate governance and sound Corporate Social Responsibility Initial business operations focused on mealie meal production consisting of products such as breakfast and roller meal. However we have diversified our production and have recently begun supplying flour, rice, sugar, insembe (grits) and salt.Our extensive sales network aims to reach our diverse target market through use of supply channels such as supermarkets, local community stores and our self-run depots. We currently work with stores such as Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Spar, Game Stores, Sana Supermarkets, Engen Quick shops and SGC to name a few. We aim to make our products easily accessible to our consumers and through key partnerships we are now accessible across the nation.

Being a proudly Zambian business we recognise the importance of being socially responsible for the environment in which we operate and thus we have embarked on various CSR programs like milling for the United Nations Food Program. We also have food partnerships the Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation, the UTH Relatives Shelter and KabwataOrphanage. These are some examples of the causes that we aim to remain devoted to, giving back to those most in need in our country. Our future goals are to grow to be the biggest food processing plant in the country. We aim to expand our sales channels by creating new partnerships and opening up more depots. We further aim to expand our product range starting with wheat products and stock feed. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable business for Zambians by Zambians.