IDC was established to spearhead the development of Zambia’s domestic industrial capacity, and in so doing, play a major role in creating jobs.

``Another measure to empower our citizens is to enable them to own shares in some of the state-owned companies in the country. The Industrial Development Corporation will be an important tool in achieving this goal. All state-owned enterprises must ultimately list on the Lusaka Stock Exchange within the next five to ten years so that we create opportunities for citizens to own these companies.``

Our Strategic Focus

IDC’s strategic direction for the period 2021-2025 is focused on incremental advancement of the mission and goals. Strong congruence between the Corporation’s efforts and mandate will position the IDC for more success, external focus and orientation.

Strategic focus has been enhanced to purposefully deliver greater value to the Group and the shareholder by having a larger, more effective footprint in providing subsidiary support and oversight as in project design and operationalisation.

Our Strategic objectives are:

Objective 1.

To achieve 15% growth in Group revenue year-on-year through enhanced Group oversight and support.

Objective 2

To create 35,000 jobs direct and indirect jobs through investment in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy, and tourism ventures (The current sentence is missing one priority sector which is mining)

Objective 3

To attain 50% contribution of non-dividend revenues to total revenues and raise adequate capital to support the Corporation’s transformation program and investments.

Objective 4

To ensure operational efficiency through retention of right talent and automation of business process.

Objective 5

To derive value from strategic partnerships through co-investments and enhanced relationships.

Our Industry Sectors