Your Journey Starts Here

IDC’s goals enable and support your career, ambitions and journey.  We’re fired up by the challenges and possibilities these journeys present, the opportunities to excel and exceed, to make a real, positive, lasting difference to people’s lives. If you feel up to it and feel you have got what it takes, we’d love you to be part of our team.

You’ll be joining a truly dynamic corporation with a distinctive forward thinking culture. Our people are united by our culture and values and by our shared commitment to doing things the right way. We are committed to continuous learning, improvement and delivering excellent results. Our goal is to offer our employees the means to achieve their professional fulfillment. In everything we do we shall be honest with ourselves, our shareholders and our stakeholders. Our approach is underpinned by a strongly shared set of core values ranging from Professionalism, Distinction, Transparency, Partnerships, Integrity. The foundation of our approach to business and investment is to mutually benefit from our complementary strengths with our partners and teamwork.

Graduate Trainee Programme

In line with its key values of upholding professionalism, transparency, integrity, distinction and forging partnerships, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has been conducting the Graduate Trainee Programme designed to give participants best hands-on training in the industry. The programme requires action oriented, high performing and dedicated graduates, who undergoes intensive development programmes for one year to prepare them for future roles in the IDC based on performance. The Graduate Training Programme of the IDC is an in-house training for fresh university graduates who are provided with learning opportunities and builds competences of the trainees relevant to the IDC, and the corporate world in general. The Programme, which normally takes a year to successfully complete has two phases, that is Rotations, and Specialized Training.

During the rotation period which lasts for six months, the trainee is exposed to all departments and units of the IDC relevant to his or her work.

Thereafter, the trainees undergo specialized training for the remaining six months in one department based on the outcome of the appraisal of performance for the rotational training.