Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank (ZICB)


Providing of financial services to the general public.


IDC 71%


ZICB opened doors to the public for business on August 1, 2018 through it is currently providing basic cash and account opening services.

The bank is owned by the Industrial Development Corporation Limited (IDC), National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA), Madison Financial Services Plc and Workers Compensation Fund Control Board. The primary mandate, was to be the financial catalyst that would enable the commercialisation and industrialisation of local Small and Medium Enterprises and Corporate customers.

The Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank (ZICB) is envisaged to be the preferred bank in the country that supports commercialisation, industrialisation and growth of its customers. ZICB supports the growth of local businesses and foster sustainable economic empowerment by providing banking solutions.

‘’In line with the government’s agenda as outlined in the Seventh National Development Plan, ZICB, which in majority owned by IDC, believes that the development and growth of the Zambian economy was key to the creation and equitable distribution of wealth for benefit of the whole economy,’’