INDENI Petroleum Refinery


Processing of crude oil into refined petroleum products.


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INDENI Refinery

The products manufactured in the refinery are as the result of refining of crude. Crude is primary a liquid of widely vary chemical and physical properties.
The principal element in crude is carbon and hydrogen arranged as hydrocarbons also Sulphur, hydrogen, oxygen and water. The main products from crude are white and black products. White products contain no Sulphur, the lightest among them being LPG.

The following is the list of products extracted from crude:

  • LPG, Butane, Light gasoline,
  • Heavy gasoline,
  • Reformate,
  • Special cut kerosene,
  • Jet A1,
  • Industrial kerosene,
  • Illuminating kerosene,
  • Low Sulphur gasoil,
  • Automotive gasoil,
  • Fuel oil,
  • MC30 and Bitumen.


INDENI Plants sector comprises of five main processing units:

  1. Topping,
  2. Hydrotreater,
  3. Reforming,
  4. Vacuum
  5. Asphalt.