IDC’s Board of Directors provides overall guidance and direction in the management of the company’s assets and investments.

IDC Board and Committees

IDC’s Board provides overall guidance and policy directions to its management. The Board meets as required to decide on the following matters:

  • Overall long-term strategic objectives;
  • Major investment and divestment proposals; and
  • Major funding proposals.

To assist the Board in its responsibilities, specific authority is delegated to various Board committees chaired by a non-executive Director who is independent of management.

The IDC Board is comprised of:

Specialized Committees

Investments Committee

Responsible for all investment decisions, including investment policies, investment strategy, and procedures as well as matters pertaining to the effective management and oversight of the IDC’s portfolio and subsidiary companies

Audit and Risk Committee

Responsible for all audit and enterprise risk related matters i.e. internal audit matters as well as statutory audits and risk management pertaining to the IDC as a group including the approval of financial reports.

Management Executive Committee

Responsible for the day-to-day management of the corporation and operational issues pertaining to the IDC as a Group.

Finance and Administration Committee

Responsible for the IDC’s Annual Budgets and Work Plans, financial management, Staffing and Human Capital Development and ensuring a high-performance work environment is established in the IDC.

Procurement Committee

At the Management level, and in line with the Public Procurement Act, Management has also established a Procurement Committee which is chaired by the Group Chief Executive Officer.

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