Zamtel and Zambia Railways sign an Integrated Communication Solutions MOU

Zamtel and Zambia Railways (members of the IDC Group of Companies), have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) where Zamtel will provide Zambia Railways with an Integrated Communication Solution, which includes voice and data.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Zamtel CEO Mr. Sydney Mupeta said the digital solution will run along the line of rail from Chililabombwe to Livingstone using Zamtel’s network. He said the Zamtel Network will be integrated with the Zambia Railways Network and host the Zambia Railways “094” number range on the Core Network to provide nationwide coverage on data and voice.

Mr. Mupeta said that as the world prepares for the 4thIndustrial Revolution, businesses across the globe should take deliberate steps towards digitization. He emphasized that “only businesses that will prepare for a digital future will survive the storm that is fast approaching”.

At the same occasion, Zambia Railways CEO, Mr. Christopher Musonda said he was happy to sign the MOU with Zamtel as his company moves towards adhering to regional benchmarks for railways companies to embrace digitization. He said digitization would bring efficiency in the operations of Zambia Railways and make it more competitive in the market place.

Meanwhile, IDC Group CEO Mr. Mateyo Kaluba commended the two companies for coming together to create synergies and tap into each other’s capabilities with the aim of improving service delivery and attaining product excellence. He said the long-term aspiration of the IDC in actualizing an effective transformation program is having a portfolio of companies that are industry leaders.

Zamtel and Zambia Railways CEO’s exchange MOU’s as IDC Group CEO looks on