“Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck this is your Captain speaking. We are presently flying at 25,000 feet above sea level at the speed of 450km/hr. On behalf of Zambia Airways, welcome on board the maiden flight ZN134 to Livingstone. I hope you’re enjoying the smooth flight…,” the voice rang from the overhead speakers, about 20 minutes into the flight.

The excitement among passengers was palpable. After almost 30 years in oblivion, Zambia Airways was back in the skies!

The flight itself was smooth and relatively quieter, as the Bombardier Dash-800 Q400 plane, which Zambia Airways is operating on the domestic routes, is equipped with soundproof and vibration proof technology. Its safety, efficiency and economy for short haul flights makes it a darling of many airlines around the world

The 70-seater is the largest aircraft assigned for local routes in Zambia at the moment. With comfortable seats and plenty legroom, the maiden flight was nothing short of relaxing.

As the aircraft cruised above the clouds, the hostesses were treating passengers to refreshing fruit juices, mineral water and a savoury chicken and cheese wrap snack.

By the time it touched down in Livingstone, the one-hour flight had exceeded expectations.

Zambia Airways will operate domestic flights to Ndola and Livingstone five and six times a week, respectively while Mfuwe and Solwezi will be added in due course. The airline also plans to begin regional flights to Johannesburg and Harare in the first quarter of 2022.

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Zambia Airways – The new wings of Africa

Welcome on board!

NOTE: All passengers from the IDC Group of Companies paid for their tickets.