Zambezi Cashews Company Limited – Western Province


  • The IDC through Zambezi Cashews Company Limited recently provided employment to over 300 seasonal and full-time employees at the cashew plantation.
  • Zambezi Cashew Company Limited is a greenfield company 100% owned by the IDC, located in Mongu, Western Province.
  • In the current phase the company is growing cashew nut trees and intends to set up a 4MT per day (scalable to 10MT per day) processing plant for the production of export grade cashew nuts.
  • The Company has so far planted 507ha of cashew nut trees of the full extent of 25,000ha available for plantation and operations.
  • The first harvest is expected in the 2022/2023 season.
  • Further cultivation shall take place in a phased approach and shall include outgrower participation.
  • The establishment of an outgrower scheme is an integral part of the IDC’s mandate to create wealth and jobs in the community while guaranteeing stockfeed for the processing plant.
  • At full capacity, the project is expected to create approximately 12,500 (direct and indirect) jobs for men, women and the youth at the plantation and 400 jobs at the processing plant.
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