Senior Chief Kanongesha Pledges to Support IDC’s Fruit Processing Project

Senior Chief Kanongesha of Mwinilunga says he is happy that the IDC was implementing a project that would change the face of the district through the creation of jobs in the area and the entire North-Western Province.

He said the Kanongesha Royal Establishment fully supports the project and was committed to ensuring it is a success.

His Royal Highness said this after he and the IDC signed an MOU on pertinent issues that concern the planning and implementation of the project.

Meanwhile, IDC Group CEO Mr Mateyo Kaluba said Kalene Hills Fruit Processing plant which will be set up in Mwinilunga, is one of the most exciting projects at the Corporation. He says the project speaks to one of the key mandate of the IDC, which is to add value to natural resources.

He further said the IDC was honoured to contribute to turning a valuable natural resource in Mwinilunga and Ikelenge Districts into wealth for the people. He said the project will  not only enhance job creation for the farmers but also various players in the value chain that the project will create.