Mununshi Fruit Company, which is wholly owned by the IDC has started to harvest its first banana fruits from the estate.

The company expects to harvest 1,425 tonnes of bananas from 47,500 plants, grown on 30ha.

The greenfield project which is in line with the IDC’s mandate to spur rural industrialisation with the aim of creating wealth and jobs, has employed 38 full time employees and 10 seasonal workers from the local community.

The project having completed a full circle, is expected to play a role in making Zambia self sufficient in banana production, while slowly plugging the gap of importation of the fruit.

In addition, the IDC is confident Mununshi Fruit Company will contribute to currency valuation through banana exports.

The first fruit has been taken up by local off-takers who are supplying the local market as well as Congo.

Expansion of the estate will take a phased approach.This will include the production of commercially viable fruits like avocados and mangoes.

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