After going on recess for 18 months, remodelled Indeni Energy Company has commenced oil refining operations much to the delight of the general public.

Recently, Energy Minister Peter Kapala signed off the commencement of the processing of the blended feedstock by Indeni Energy Company.

Mr. Kapala disclosed that Indeni, which has not been operational for close to two years can now start refining operations after receiving and storing the whole quantity of blended feedstock from the pipeline.

Mr. Kapala further disclosed that the powering back to life of Indeni and the commissioning of the converted Tazama pipeline will trigger lower fuel prices and stabilize the supply of the commodity on the local market.

Meanwhile, Indeni Managing Director Evans Mauta said the firm is refining piped feedstock into kerosene, jet fuel, petrol, and diesel among other petroleum products.

With the company being remodeled, Indeni is set to be both an oil refinery company and an oil marketing firm as well.