Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Chief Executive Officer Mr Perry Mapani this afternoon conducted a familiarisation tour of the Zambia Daily Mail to appreciate the efforts and progress the company is making to preserve its status as the leading newspaper in the country.
Speaking during the tour, Mr Mapani said Zambia Daily Mail had a critical role to play in ensuring that the country was well informed about the developmental agenda of both the Government and the private sector.
He, however, implored the newspaper’s Management to devise innovative and creative strategies to remain profitable and relevant in view of global trends of declining newspaper trends as a result of the digital disruption.
The newspaper has since diversified its offerings from its various traditional newspaper products to digital news content, advertising, courier services and commercial printing.
Mr Mapani also said the newspaper, which recently integrated the editorial and commercial units of the sister newspaper – The Times of Zambia – also needed to strike a sustainable balance between profitability and public service to remain afloat.
He added that the recent integration of the two newspaper companies presented a good opportunity for them to leverage their brand affinity they had enjoyed over decades.
Zambia Daily Mail Acting Managing Director Mr Simate Simate outlined the newspaper’s positive performance during the first few months of this year and projected a positive outlook for the rest of the year.
IDC is mandated to supervise State-owned Enterprises to ensure that they are operating profitably and sustainably.