Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Chief Executive Officer Mr. Perry Mapani this morning conducted a familiarisation tour of Nitrogen Chemical of Zambia (NCZ) to appreciate the progress the company is making towards producing fertilizer for the 2023 Comprehensive Agriculture Farmer Support Programme (CASP).

NCZ has been contracted to supply over 43,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer and has so far produced 10,500 metric tonnes ahead of the distribution exercise later this year.

Speaking during the tour, Mr. Mapani said NCZ has a critical role to play in ensuring that the manufacturing of fertilizer in Zambia is guaranteed and ahead of time.

Mr. Mapani said NCZ, being one of the only two fertilizer manufacturing companies in Zambia, must at all times think ahead and prove that they can be market leaders in the supply of fertilizer.

He said there was enough support to ensure that the fertilizer manufacturing suceeds.

The CEO said the CASP was an opportunity for NCZ to prove that the company could redeem it’s former glory as a manufacturing powerhouse. “NCZ has an exciting future. The NCZ you’re seeing today will not be the same going forward,” he said.