Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia Limited

Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia limited (NCZ) is the only national fertilizer factory in the country.

Production processes at NCZ are backed by a well-established laboratory that gives the quality assurance required.

Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone Limited

The Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (LSMFEZ) was declared as a Multi-Facility Economic Zone (MFEZ) on 28 June 2010 under Statutory Instrument No. 47 of 2010 by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. 

The LSMFEZ is managed by Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone Limited, a company that was incorporated on 25 June 2012. The LSMFEZ has a total area of 2,100 hectares.

Zamcapitol Enterprises Limited

Using hi-tech engineering, Zamcapitol manufactures durable and affordable agricultural equipment geared to increasing productivity – from hammer mills to harrows.

The company also makes water pumps and aluminium pots. Its large selection of grinding mills include cyclone mills, gravity mills and dehullers.